Unclaimed Jersey Auction

The club has had three unclaimed jerseys from an old Double Divide Ride sitting in storage for several years. It is time to get them out of storage and into use.

These are high quality jerseys made by Primalwear. See photos of the front and back below. 

Jerseys are being offered through a Dutch auction, with the price starting at $60 and dropping by $1 a day. To bid, send an email to president@helenabicycleclub.org. If there are multiple bids on a day, they will be taken in the order of time the email was sent.

Price and availability will be updated on this page daily. Any that are not claimed by the next meeting (February 7) will be sold through a silent auction at the meeting.

Date 2/07/2023     Price $60 35

Size Large: 2 1 available

Size Medium: 1 available gone